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11.08.2020 11:12
What are you doing?

Strengthening Municipalities in Azerbaijan

National Budget Group Review on 2010 State Budget Project

Outcomes of a monitoring program within the project to evaluate the impact of parliamentary debates on budget-related decisions

17.03.2017/ Increasing role of media and civil society in Open Government Partnership İnitiatives

Two-days training was organized in Park Inn hotel on March 14-15 on “Increasing role of media and civil society in OGP initiatives”. In total 30 participants from mass-media and CSO joined to the training.

18.07.2016/ Position Paper of STP on the importance of expansion of OGP Initiatives as well as enlargement of Civil Society Participation

Civil Society Platform (STP) regrets that Azerbaijan is the only OGP member country with inactivated status and calls the government to fulfil all the commitments within the shortest time possible. The government should prioritize transparency, accountability, and public participation – the ground principles of OGP initiative – in its operations, improve the quality of governance, and increase people’s access to qualitative services.

08.07.2016/ Oil Currency Breaks Ranks as Azeris Can’t Quench Dollar Need

As higher energy prices buoy currencies of commodity producers, one is swimming against the tide. Even after losing more than half its value against the dollar in two devaluations last year, Azerbaijan’s manat is struggling to find a bottom. In fact, it just had its worst month since the height of the crisis in oil markets in January.

09.06.2014/ Proposal to prepare development index of local democracy
European institutions showed great interest in the proposal made by Public Association for Assistance to Economic Initiatives

Decentralization in the Eastern Partnership countries was the focus of a conference organised on 28 April by the Conference of Regional and Local Authorities for the Eastern Partnership (CORLEAP) in Brussels. This topic was also discussed at the Bureau Meeting of CORLEAP, alongside the progress of the Eastern Partnership (EaP). The event was attended by CORLEAP bureau members, Council of Europe reporters and experts.

13.12.2013/ SEI awarded with best policy paper

The policy paper developed by Center For Support to Economic Initiatives has been nominated as the best policy paper among submitted papers by think tanks in Azerbaijan. Renowned think-tanks from Azerbaijan were involved into the evaluation process, and the evaluation of these papers was conducted by 5 local and foreign experts. As result of the evaluation process the winner was Support for Economic Initiatives for its “Strengthening Financial Capacity of Azerbaijan’s Municipalities: improving the taxable base of physical entity property tax” policy paper.

21.07.2012/ Potable water management in rural area: faced problems and ways of their solution

Center For Support For Economic Initiatives held a round table

Center For Support For Economic Initiatives held a round table on the subject of the “Potable water management in rural areas: faced problems and ways of their solution” on July 17, in Barda. About 20 chairmen of the municipalities and municipality’s water companies from Barda, Tartar and Agcabadi districts participated in the meeting.

21.07.2012/ The scavenging has to be taken away from Executive Committees and given to municipalities

Samir Aliyev, the expert of the Center For Economic Initiatives has answered the questions of the “Mediaforum” site.

- The amendments were made to Law on Industrial and consumer garbage and Administrative Codex in the meeting which was held on June 12, in the Milli Mejlis. How do you see the implementation mechanism of this amendment?

21.07.2012/ Azer Mehtiyev was elected as the coordinator of the Alliance for the next time

The general meeting of the members of the NGO Alliance For Municipal Development (BINA) was held on July, 2. An organizational issue was discussed, elections of the coordinator of the Alliance for next year were held in the meeting. Azer Mehtiyev was elected as the coordinator of the Alliance for next time.

"The territorial merging of municipal councils in Azerbaijan in 2009 did not influence their institutional development," the NGO Council for Municipal Development said during today's presentation of the report on the current conditions of Azerbaijan's municipal councils.

"Consoludation of municipalities is a progressive step initiated by civil society. But not presenting additional power and funds to municipalities have caused troubles," Agayev said at the conference in Media Center.

03.02.2010/ Journalists dealing with the issue of public procurement awarded
The news provided by the “Economic Forum” Journal highlights that “Support for Economic Initiatives” Public Union has announced the results of journalistic research competition on the topic of “Transparency in Public Procurement in Azerbaijan”. Announced in October, 2009, the competition was organized under the “Support for Improving Public Procurement System in Azerbaijan” Project, funded by Revenue Watch Institute, USA.

30.09.2009/ Land auctions and contests bear formal character
The Union for Public Support to Economic Initiatives (UPSEI) announced the results of the monitoring of the sale of municipal lands in Barda and Salyan. According to this, the land auctions and contests bore purely formal character. Previously agreed "candidates" took part in the auctions and the lands were sold at a previously agreed price, the expert of UPSEI, Samir Aliyev, stated.

16.09.2009/ Parties say municipal councils
Parties represented in Azerbaijan's political life are mainly for reconsideration of the status and authorities of municipal councils. This was revealed in the opinion poll conducted by the Economic Initiatives Support Center (EISC) among 14 parties of pro-governmental and oppositional views.

12.09.2009/ Baku is the only capital among the countries of EC when mayor is not elected
Azerbaijan does not have obligations before the CE on elections of mayor, Turan was told by the head of Azerbaijan’s Delegation to PACE Samed Seyidov commenting on the call on of the Deputy Head of the Congerss of Local and Regional Authorities (CLRACE) of the CE Yan Mikallef to elect mayor in Baku.

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